The Bow Tie Set Me Apart In My Circle And Community

Daily Fashion Illustration 126. Monday, February 24. 2014

Style submitted by Bryant Betencourt. -instagram @bowtie_bryant, twitter @bowtie_bryant
'The best style is one that is uniquely created by you when you take risks, break the rules and just express yourself. A man that is always neat, well-dressed and influences others to dress in style is a dapper man.

My initial involvement in menswear is pretty basic. Since I was a child my mother always taught my sister and I that we should be well dressed wherever we go and I grew up with that mentality. Although I've dressed well all my life, I would say I didn't really develop a "style" until Instagram came about. A coworker of mine suggested that I start an account and I slowly started following menswear pages that began inspiring me to work on developing my style.

I was instantly drawn to the bow-tie and started wearing them to work, church, and other social events. Slowly the bow-tie set me apart in my circle and community. The children at my church were also drawn to the bow-tie and began calling me "Bowtie Bryant" so the name stuck and it became my IG identity. Now, people recognize me first as "Bowtie" rather than my actual name even on their contacts on their cell phones and emails I'm referred to as Bowtie. Its amazing how in just one year, 1 accessory and a hobby have really drawn me into the world of style.

Bryant Betencourt.png

Ultimately, I have always aspired to make a difference and a mark in peoples lives with anything I do whether it be my personal goals, educational goals, talents, etc. Other people that follow me and what I do and look up to me are the ones who inspire me to grow and be
better. I am just happy that my style is just one more method of influence I can add to my resume.'