The First Time I Noticed My Interest In Fashion Was When I Was Five Years Old

Daily Fashion Illustration 127. Tuesday, February 25. 2014

Style submitted by Ole Fevang. -instagram @olejfevang, -site
'The first time I noticed my interest in fashion was when I was five years old and went to London with my family. I noticed how the british men dressed so well everyday. Living in Norway many of the people here are a few years behind when it comes to clothing and fashion.

I really like the saying that dressing as good as you can is a great way to show respect to your surroundings. That is something I live by, and I try to make people dress as good as they can everyday, for their own sake and for the sake of the people around them. My first real meeting with menswear was a few years ago when I discovered Instagram. Since
then I have shared my interest, and followed amazing people through social media, and also have had the chance to meet a lot of amazing people within the world of menswear at places like Pitti.'

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