My Style Has Been Loved By Some And Criticized Heavily By Others

Daily Fashion Illustration 125. Friday, February 21. 2014

Style submitted by Victor Jeffries Leonard. -instagram @colorcodeine, Tumblr c0lor-c0dine
'My style has been loved by some, and criticized heavily by others. While my family has been some of my biggest critics, they (try to) allow me to express myself in a way that I find fit. I have a sort of....raggemuffin, thrown together style, comprised of a lot of pieces that I find on the sale rack, thrift store, or my fathers bins in the basement.

I really am attracted to loud, patterned prints and textiles, and really I don't go a day without a form of boot on my feet. Be it Chelsea, combat, or something more subtle, usually combat. The picture is a Polaroid my friend took of me as I modeled for her photography portfolio. I actually have on a flannel with only the top button fastened, and that's a kind of quirk of mine, fastening the top button only. And it's another thing that's been heavily criticized.'

Victor Jeffries Leonard.png