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Daily Fashion 186

When I Saw Michael Jordan Sporting The Air Jordan XI Sneakers

Daily Fashion Illustration 186. Thursday, May 22. 2014

Story submitted by Wisith Jiengwattana. -instagram @wisithfrombkk

'I got interested in fashion/style when I saw Michael Jordan sporting the Air Jordan XI sneakers in elementary school. Since then, I became interested in sneakers and owned many pairs. After college, my style transitioned into menswear, though I still wear sneakers on the weekends. I really have no single particular aesthetic. I may wear a suit one day, and t shirt with stacked jeans and sneakers the next.'

Daily Fashion Illustration 186, Wisith Jiengwattana



Daily Fashion 184

With Not Much Money I Started Mixing

Daily Fashion Illustration 184. Friday, May 16. 2014

Story submitted by Franko Dean. -instagram @frankodean, twitter @frankosh
'With not much money I started mixing not too expensive and vintage stuff and creating my own style with what I have. I think what makes every outfit special is adding your own touch and creativity. I also make DIY things for myself. I started sharing everything in my blog while getting inspiration from other bloggers, street style, art etc.

When I was a kid I used to care a lot what I was gonna wear for family parties. My mom let me choose my clothes all the time even if I wasn't good at matching stuff. I grew up learning to improve by myself getting inspiration from people, celebrities, art and found out a big interest in fashion since then. I also learned that I didn't have to spend lots of money to look good. I always put my outfits together mixing vintage, thrift store stuff, brands and not too expensive clothes. What's important in fashion is the attitude, the meaning you give to it and adding your own style.'

Daily Fashion Illustration 184, Franko Dean



Daily Fashion 182

What You Wear Is Not Just To Impress Those Around You

Daily Fashion Illustration 182. Wednesday, May 14. 2014

Story submitted by Juan Cortez. -instagram @jcore89, twitter @jcore89_
'Vintage, that word and everything about it is making a huge impact in our generation today. Fashion started somewhere and to really understand and appreciate clothing you must start from the roots. My friends are raving about the vintage and classy look now a days and it's something that I have always loved. What you wear is not just to impress those around you, it's meant to inspire life to create an atmosphere of good and hope in the world and to keep dreaming! My style is vintage because it reminds me of how far mankind has come. Thrift stores are a great place to find hidden gems, it's like you give clothing a second chance to live and that is the art of love.'

Daily Fashion Illustration 182, Juan Cortez