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Daily Fashion 178

He Would Piece His Looks Together One Accessory At A Time

Daily Fashion Illustration 178. Thursday, May 8. 2014

Story submitted by Aaron Kirk. -instagram @kakashii_sensei

'My story starts as a young adult in Highschool, still going through the rough process of finding myself, but not finding myself becoming someone else. So through school I really took a liking to Blake Scott and how he would piece his looks together one accessory at a time. That's when the thrift store visits came about. Soon after my peers as well as my siblings could see me turning into a well dressed gentlemen as the days continued. With style it's always going to be who you are, but you always need a little bit of inspiration.'

Daily Fashion Illustration 178, Aaron Kirk



Daily Fashion 175

I Began To Gain The True Meaning Of It

Daily Fashion Illustration 175. Monday, May 5. 2014

Story submitted by Anthony Stephens. -instagram @styleisntenough
'Style is my way of speaking volumes, without saying a word. Growing up my dad always told me, 'Your first impression is your lasting impression.' As time passed I began to gain the true meaning of it which drove me to pursuing fashion.

When you walk in a room people automatically judge you, so why not look your best and show them you have something going for yourself? I even started googling style and sophisticated looks but now I just put looks together from different colors and patterns. Through my style I aspire to help others do the same.'

Daily Fashion Illustration 175, Anthony Stephens



Daily Fashion 174

I Wanted A Style That Would Separate Me From My Peers

Daily Fashion Illustration 174. Friday, May 2. 2014

Style submitted by Rob Madden. -instagram @iamrobmadden, twitter @iamrobmadden
'I choose to be different. I'm 26 years old. I look at most men my age and I see the baggy pants, big shirts, all of that. I'm not into that. I went through that phase in high school trying to fit in. It definitely wasn't me. I'd rather wear a shirt, bow tie and suit any day.

Mom always told me, "You dress for the position that you want. If you want that executive position, you've got to dress and carry yourself like an executive". I love bow ties. That's my addiction. My style was inspired by me. I wanted a style that would separate me from my peers. At an early age, I developed an obsession with bow ties. As I grew older, I backed away from it by following the “IT” trends in junior high and high school, but once I graduated I knew that I wanted to be different.

Daily Fashion Illustration 174, Rob Madden

I didn’t want to go off to college and look the same. I didn’t want to go out in public and look the same as everyone else my age. When you step out in public, you not only represent your family but you represent yourself. You represent your brand. This is something I had to drill into my brain.

My love for bow ties is amazing. Bow ties are me. They are my IT. They are my MUST HAVE. I feel comfortable in a suit with a bow tie. It’s all about confidence. Don’t be afraid to be different. Confidence will take you a long way. My style has matured so much over the years and it’s only going to keep growing. I don’t say much. I let my style speak for me.'