I Usually Just Try To Keep Up

Daily Fashion Illustration 100. Friday, January 17. 2014

Style submitted by Kerry Housley. instagram -@kerryhousley
'Wanted to submit this pic of my "nephew" & I from a recent wedding we attended to possibly be featured on your project. He's actually the son of my two best friends who live in another state, but he might as well be my nephew. We don't see each other as much as I'd like so it's awesome when we do - this day we had a ton of fun hanging at a friends wedding in Fort Myers, Florida.

They always dress Holden (the little guy) like such a stud & this wedding was no different. I love menswear and with the two of us being born in Florida this south Florida wedding at the end of the summer was the perfect opportunity to wear some bright colors - paying a tribute to his homeland and my current home state. I usually just try to keep up with him stylistically :).'

Kerry Housley.png