No Matter What I Wear I Wear It The Way I Want

Daily Fashion Illustration 101. Monday, January 20. 2014

Style submitted by Jake Paul Green. -instagram @jakepgreen
'If you don't take yourself seriously , then no one will.

For me, fashion is the art of creatively expressing myself through whatever stylistic means. Be that suit and tie, demon and leather or sequins and velvet. No matter what I wear, I wear it the way I want and won't let anyone define my creative limits.

I will walk out of my house in a black sequin jacket and a pink bowler hat if I was so creatively inclined to do so. Being a dancer and choreographer just allows me more freedom with my fashion choices and gives me other inspiration for my own daily style. On a side note, I am a massive sock guy. I have a million different quirky, colourful, patterned socks and love rocking them out at every opportunity I get.'

Jake Paul Green.png