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Daily Fashion 138

When I Started Wearing Casual Clothes I Had No Idea What Fashion Could Be

Daily Fashion Illustration 138. Wednesday, March 12. 2014

Style submitted by Siranjeev Thiyagarajah. -instagram @siran09, twitter @siran09
'I like new design & fashion. Like wearing a suit & tie to look classy or casual with a pair of jeans and sweater with a leather jacket. I'm excited that during my studies I’m focusing on a clothing line for the upcoming years

Where I started from wearing casual clothes and no idea what fashion could be, I changed to a casual street wear mix. But when you love fashion and you want to get noticed in a public, you have to dress outstanding. It doesn't have to be outstanding for others, just outstanding for yourself. That’s what my fashion and style is about.

Describe yourself by wearing your own style, don’t follow the people, be a leader. Every detail can make a difference. It’s not only about the suit & tie, but about the colour combination and the accessories. It’s not about the value of the clothes, but it’s about the combination and passion for the clothes/fashion/design. Search to find the best methods to describe your own fashion, by adding the details what makes the finishing touch.


I first got introduced to street wear fashion. Wearing the normal slim-fit jeans with a slim fit shirt and colourful sneakers. I loved this casual style in normal life. During parties and conventions, you can not show up like this. I loved the style of David Beckham, how he could be street wear casual one day and classy in a suit & tie the other day. His fashion inspired me to wear fashionable slim fit suit & tie during parties and conventions, where I used to wear only a simple shirt and a chino. Nowadays I combine the colourful chino with a slim fit t-shirt. With all my clothes I like to add it with extra’s like north skull bracelets and an Armani watch.'



Daily Fashion 137

I Manage To Touch Down Somewhere Between Dapper And Street Style

Daily Fashion Illustration 137. Tuesday, March 11. 2014

Style submitted by Evan Zamot. -instagram @evans_room
'Style is a reflection of personality, I dress to my character. I like to be well polished, what man would choose other wise? A dapper man is someone who focuses on preservation of appearance and character. A man with no integrity is not a man at all. What is James Bond without character? Just another person with the name James, we make our mark when we know how to express who we are and demand that other people acknowledge our presence.

My oldest cousin, Damasi Mc Pherson inspired me about fashion. As a kid he would pick me up in his all black 1981 Corvette, always with a suit and tie and on "down days" or barber shop days he called it a v-neck with fitted sweats would be the morning get up. Him being in his twenties while I was 8 definitely shed light on what type of man I wanted to grow into. So from my sneaker stage of Jordan's to my polo prep phase I manage to touch down somewhere between dapper and street style with an easy landing'

Evan Zamot.png



Daily Fashion 123

Style Is Purchased With Your Passion, Eloquence And Ability To Take Risks

Daily Fashion Illustration 123. Wednesday, February 19. 2014

Style submitted by Jarreau Jackson. -instagram @laredo_ro
'My style, as I'm still discovering it and it is still evolving, is nothing less than a reflection and expression of the phase in my life that I am in. In 25 years I have lived in Washington, California, Louisiana, Texas, Michigan, and now Illinois. I have come across many people, many styles, and with the addition to my artistic upbringings, I have begun to fine tune my style.

Coming up wearing long-tall white tees, Girbaud jeans, Dickies trousers, and Nike sneakers, I use my style to celebrate progress, intelligence, wisdom, refinement, and the notion that we are always learning. You cannot buy style; the threads to display your style are purchased with your passion, eloquence, and ability to take risks.'

Jarreau Jackson.png