Spontaneity Of Style Has Led Me To The Deepest Racks Of Endless Thrift Stores

Daily Fashion Illustration 112. Tuesday, February 4. 2014

Style submitted by Denny Balmaceda. -instagram @denny623, twitter @denny_wenny, site lookrichshopcheap.com
'Every stylish man wants that clean, precise look but I crave the opposite. I would consider my personal style a calculated mix between a bad ass and dapper gentleman. That is to say, I aim to keep the standard details in tack but just a little disheveled. I have a curiosity for the unknown and the unexpected.

That spontaneity of style has led me to the deepest racks of endless thrift stores, to charity bins in parking lots, and boarded up warehouses in search of forgotten treasures. I feel the most myself when I adorn myself with the history of others. Placing my hands into the worn pockets of a vintage blazer, I can feel the frayed textures which hold the memories of some anonymous "other," who I now stand in place of by taking on his wardrobe. I am able to live out the lost fantasies of the men who's clothes I now explore.

Denny Balmaceda.png

In taking on the lives of others I carve my own path, one that is dictated by my agency and is flavored with the sentiments of those forgotten. These stories do not live in your local mall, these narratives do not exist on the shelves of a boutique and while practicality leads one to traditional retail establishments, I urge you to break conventions. You do not need money to dress like a gentleman. You do not need status to feel like an individual. You are more than your job description, your zip code, your last name.

The truth of your wealth is measured by what you create for yourself. Look Rich,
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