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Daily Fashion 172

We Are Indispensable

Daily Fashion Illustration 172. Thursday, May 1. 2014

Style submitted by Vinnii Ray. -instagram @loversponder, twitter @vinniray, facebook Vinniiray
'Gianni Versace once said, " Don’t be into trends. Don’t make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way you live."

Growing up I've always wanted to mirror what I seen in magazines, tv, and billboards. At times I would look into the mirror and become disgusted with myself, so much so that I wouldn't go out. I know it sounds silly, but when you're 14 wearing clothes from the thrift store/Wal-Mart and all the other 14 year old boys have the name brand clothing you start to feel less than....

Until one day I came across the quote mentioned above by Gianni Versace. It changed my entire perspective. Here's a guy whose name is in magazine's, on tv and billboards. I took a deep breath and cried. All this time I was chasing after someone else's life, I had replaced my identity with a magazine, I lived in the shadows of billboards and had become that lifeless black and white static on the television screen.

Now I am beyond blessed! I don't take many photos of myself because there's so much life outside of me! I love fashion, it's a form of expression just like sculpture, calligraphy, architecture and more. Each of us are valuable...FAR beyond what any man/woman or object makes us feel. WE are INDISPENSABLE :)

P.S- I freaking LOVE the thrift store now! Still hate Wal-Mart, you can never go and just buy one thing... #thieves #jknotreally :)'

Daily Fashion Illustration 172, Vinnii Ray



Daily Fashion Illustration 147

I Began Thrift Shopping And That's Where I Found My Muse

Daily Fashion Illustration 147. Wednesday, March 26. 2014

Style submitted by Alix Freeman. -instagram @alixfreeman, twitter @alixfreeman3815
'Growing up in a primarily Caucasian upper middle class community as a lower class girl was a struggle for me. Especially when it came to the clothes I was bought as a teenager. I always admired the couture fashion community and began to shape my style around the trends I saw in magazines through what I could afford.

I began thrift shopping and that's where I found my muse. The endless possibilities. By endless possibilities I mean, Every article of clothing has potential greatness . Just like any person has potential for greatness. It's just waiting for the right time and circumstances to unveil that greatness. I found the courage to unveil my true self even if it wasn't necessarily the name brands and styles that were only being worn by my peers. I feel like a stronger person now that I can show who I really am through my clothing.'

Daily Fashion Illustration 147, Alix Freeman



Daily Fashion 112

Spontaneity Of Style Has Led Me To The Deepest Racks Of Endless Thrift Stores

Daily Fashion Illustration 112. Tuesday, February 4. 2014

Style submitted by Denny Balmaceda. -instagram @denny623, twitter @denny_wenny, site
'Every stylish man wants that clean, precise look but I crave the opposite. I would consider my personal style a calculated mix between a bad ass and dapper gentleman. That is to say, I aim to keep the standard details in tack but just a little disheveled. I have a curiosity for the unknown and the unexpected.

That spontaneity of style has led me to the deepest racks of endless thrift stores, to charity bins in parking lots, and boarded up warehouses in search of forgotten treasures. I feel the most myself when I adorn myself with the history of others. Placing my hands into the worn pockets of a vintage blazer, I can feel the frayed textures which hold the memories of some anonymous "other," who I now stand in place of by taking on his wardrobe. I am able to live out the lost fantasies of the men who's clothes I now explore.

Denny Balmaceda.png

In taking on the lives of others I carve my own path, one that is dictated by my agency and is flavored with the sentiments of those forgotten. These stories do not live in your local mall, these narratives do not exist on the shelves of a boutique and while practicality leads one to traditional retail establishments, I urge you to break conventions. You do not need money to dress like a gentleman. You do not need status to feel like an individual. You are more than your job description, your zip code, your last name.

The truth of your wealth is measured by what you create for yourself. Look Rich,
Shop Cheap. '