Since My Childhood I Have Always Showed Interest In Colors

Daily Fashion Illustration 114. Thursday, February 6. 2014

Style submitted by Anthony Mouawad. -instagram @tonymwd21
'Whether to dress classy in a tuxedo, or to go funky and sporty dressing in a denim jacket with a colorful t-shirt wearing big sunglasses, or choosing all black my outfit is always related to my mood and occasion!

Since my childhood I have always showed interest in colors. I think colors express what words can't- feelings, behavior & character. My interest in colors was not only reflected through studying Graphic Design, but also through the way I dress. I believe that style gives the first impression to any meeting. In choosing my outfit I always give importance to two things, the colors and the materials. Knowing how to mix these two things is what makes style special and attractive.

Choosing a new outfit is like taking a new project for a new client. It should be special, different, meaningful, and distinctive, and the style only depends on the theme/occasion. The only difference is that the client doesn't change it's always me.'

Anthony Mouawad.png