There Is Nothing Worse Than Wearing Something You Yourself Are Not Comfortable With

Daily Fashion Illustration 135. Friday, March 7. 2014

Style submitted by Carmelo De La Ossa. -instagram @itz_melo
'It would not be fair to say I have always had style by choice. While growing up I was always told I dressed extremely well. Yet, it was until about two years ago when I felt I began my true fashion journey.

Not too sure where the inspiration came from but as a business major and an extremely sociable person I quickly learned the importance of looking and feeling great. I began shopping more wisely and more specifically based on each occasion. I don't consider myself a man with just one style. My closet varies, one day I can be wearing shorts and a tank top with some sneakers and the next you can catch me wearing a full suit.

I have chosen to live by this motto when it comes to fashion, "Clothes don't make you look good, YOU make the clothes look good." There is nothing worse than wearing something you yourself are not comfortable with. This can be the most expensive or fashionable outfit but if you don't feel it then it's like wearing dirty rags. I have chosen to live a life with style not just in what I wear but how I compose and express myself. As I hope others would too.'

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