Photography And Fashion Are A Way To Communicate Our Unspoken Words

Daily Fashion Illustration 134. Thursday, March 6. 2014

Style submitted by Jose Espaillat. -instagram @josespaillat
'I'm an amateur photographer who has always loved fashion. My personality is a reflection of my own style. I consider my self a classic guy; with a little twist of new trends. I love to read GQ. GQ Spain is my favorite; because of the great material for a Gentlemen style. I’ve always found the world of fashion and art to be alluring.

In retrospect, my interest in fashion really began when I was just a child. My mother used to be a model, so she always took care of my wardrobe. She always told me: “the way you dress will influence the way people treat you”... Since then I started to develop my own style and interest. I used to have a drawing book at the age of eight where I would attempt to sketch clothes for men and women.

I also set my vision to photography, something that helped me grow in a different direction. I became fascinated with creating prints in a way that I combine things I like the most. Sometimes words can’t express what we think and I’ve found that photography and fashion are a way to communicate our unspoken words.  '

jose espaillat.png