Not Long After, I Launched My First Clothing Line

Daily Fashion Illustration 136. Monday, March 10. 2014

Style submitted by Victor Cheng. -instagram @veeceecheng
'My interest in fashion started in the midst of entering my second year of university. I had a massive transition in high school from wearing "gangster" clothing to a sudden switch to a more sophisticated "GQ" look. I vividly remember one day walking behind a fellow student and realizing how dumb it looked having your pants halfway below your butt.

In the following years of my studies in my 4 year program of multimedia and communications, I started to pursue and have extreme passion in fashion and also started a fashion blog promoting student outfits on campus. Not long after I launched my own clothing line in creating my first floral shirt ( which created massive hype!

Victor Cheng.png

For inspirations, I would definitely like to point to my fellow Instagram community (to name a few, Blakescott_, Andredelamode, Dennisthemenis, thetieguy, brothersandcraft, that_dapper_chap, dressedtoill, jasonchew_, etc) but also in iconic form, Nick Wooster and of course, well known designer, Tom Ford. I usually look into pieces that I currently own and
visually create outfits in my mind while I shop to compile the perfect outfit. I believe that fashion is a source of artistic expression and your body is the canvas in which your mind is the paintbrush in how you want to structure your unique "style".'