I Saw Custom As The Way Of The Future

Daily Fashion Illustration 148. Thursday, March 27. 2014

Style submitted by Bijan Zamanian. -instagram @bijanbespoke
'I come from the world of finance, but my passion for styling brought me into the men's fashion industry. Owning a retail store for 3 years gave me the experience to now run a store on 5th Avenue in NYC. I was working crazy hours and getting burned out. A friend of mine, who was a Producer at NBC, wanted to start a business with me and we ended up coming up with the idea to open a men's clothing store, and start a clothing line, in the hometown we grew up in...Franklin Lakes, NJ. 

Originally, I was the "money guy" but as the business grew I became obsessed with design and the custom industry. We sold other brands, along with our own, but I saw custom as the way of the future. 

After 3 years, my partner wanted out and forced the shut down of the business. Fortunately, within a week I was working as a Stylist/Clothier and haven't looked back. Now, I was hired to find, open, and manage a store with my current company, Elevee. (www.elevee.com)

We opened in early January on 38th & 5th in NYC.'

Daily Fashion Illustration 148, Bijan Zamanian