I Began Thrift Shopping And That's Where I Found My Muse

Daily Fashion Illustration 147. Wednesday, March 26. 2014

Style submitted by Alix Freeman. -instagram @alixfreeman, twitter @alixfreeman3815
'Growing up in a primarily Caucasian upper middle class community as a lower class girl was a struggle for me. Especially when it came to the clothes I was bought as a teenager. I always admired the couture fashion community and began to shape my style around the trends I saw in magazines through what I could afford.

I began thrift shopping and that's where I found my muse. The endless possibilities. By endless possibilities I mean, Every article of clothing has potential greatness . Just like any person has potential for greatness. It's just waiting for the right time and circumstances to unveil that greatness. I found the courage to unveil my true self even if it wasn't necessarily the name brands and styles that were only being worn by my peers. I feel like a stronger person now that I can show who I really am through my clothing.'

Daily Fashion Illustration 147, Alix Freeman