The snow has begun to fall in Grand Haven, MI.

Dots of white falling, landing gently on branches, collecting atop heads of hair, whirring past in a blur.

Canada Goose- Moraine Shell Jacket

John Ruvin- Grant Eyewear

Hudson Jeans- Sartor Skinny Jeans

CAT Footwear- Colorado Boot

Staring at the waves, past the grey and into it you can see the infinite universe. The fence seems a feeble attempt at warning. 

'Don't wander too far!'

Because if you aren't careful you could walk into the grey, past the waves, into the infinite universe.

The Queen Ruth

In the snow there is beauty, especially when a gorgeous woman walks the white washed beaches of Grand Haven with you. Ruth looked so stunning with rosy cheeks and nose against a pale grey and white day.


Walking a round about path to Aldea Coffee. It's the best place to get coffee in Grand Haven.


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Canada GooseMoraine Shell Jacket

John RuvinGrant Eyewear

Hudson JeansSartor Skinny Jeans

CAT FootwearColorado Boot

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