Waves at Grand Haven

Ruth and I love visiting the beach in Grand Haven, MI, where we are living for several months in 2016. Lake Michigan expands infinitely into the horizon, waves crash indiscriminately and the sunsets are other-worldly.


This day was our first opportunity to walk along the pier in Grand Haven. Inclement weather and high winds previously kept us along the shoreline. I even did a little dance in the pools of water at the end of the pier.

Andres Sendra, lake michigan

The occasion was also my first time wearing my newly beloved Andrés Sendra shoes out into the world. It was a bit sad to scuff the glossy finished of the soles, but such is life for man and life for shoes. Nothing can stay perfect forever and to enjoy what the world has to offer soles must be scuffed.

Against the sunset glow of the lighthouse my shoes contrasted in perfect complement.

Classic Specs
Andres Sendra
Andres Sendra, Lanvin

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Shoes- Andrés Sendra

Suit- André Phillipe

Jacket- Relwen

Tie- Lanvin (purchased from Goodwill)

Eyewear- Classic Specs

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