Shooting at the docks on the Grand River.

CAT Footwear

Hudson Jeans

Target Sweater

Private Dock with CAT Footwear
CAT Footwear yellow casual boot
Target sweater on the dock
Deutsche Uhrenfabrik, Weimar Watch
CAT Footwear

Ruth and I moved out to Grand Haven, MI for the winter. 

Yes, I know the timing is horrible considering the fierceness of the wind and the precipitation along the east side of the Lake Michigan shore. But just imagine the potential beauty - Ice strewn, sandy beaches, white rapids along white shore lines, snow speckled sunsets on an infinite horizon.

For now, until the snow begins to fall, we are having fun on the docks and the beaches and watching the waves crash onto the shore, blue and grey as they reflect the pattern of clouds against the blue streaked sky.

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Sartor, Hudson Jeans.

Colorado, CAT Boots.

Weimer, Deutsche Uhrenfabrik Watch