If you have ever heard a tall tale or seen someone paint a story in your mind then you have met Caleb Morris. He has a nack for tall tales and hyperbole. You might more accurately say that he has a unique ability to embellish, and I mean to share this with the utmost respect. A story woven by any other person is simply a reiteration of events gone by. When Caleb speaks stories are born. He gives life and character to moments that you or I would never experience outside of his recollection.

Beyond the imagination of his words is the imagination of his hands. Caleb is an illustrator. An illustrator in a world like Caleb's is a story teller. The same vivid drama that he speaks he also conjures as image.

When we decided to trade Illustrations I was elated. This was my chance to hold on to a story wrought by Caleb forever.

Below is the story that Caleb painted for me. Find his work here.

I thought that I would share my contribution as well. It was an honor to have the opportunity to paint this dog. Artie is not simply an old dog waning in life. He is an old man who thinks he can lay in the bed with ma and pa. He is full of mischief and tom-foolery and continually leads Caleb into trouble. His legs fail him, but his desires carry him. He is full of color and joy.



Other Works by Caleb Morris