At nearly 200 Illustrations and nearly the same number of stories, after the first Daily Fashion Paper-Back and in the process of a second, and in the middle of organizing a series of gallery shows I feel that there is something missing.

The Daily Fashion started very simply. I wanted to paint more fashion and more people. I wanted something that wasn't just me 'styling' a look but something that shared the fashion that already exists.

In the very beginning we asked-
'What is your style?'
but that proved to be a rather vain question.

Then the question became-
'What is the story of your style?
but that still lacked any depth.

Now the question is
'What is your story?'
and in this there has been a subtle shift.

Fashion is not clothing. Fashion is people. Clothing just helps to tell the stories of people. Each of us has a story and these stories are beautiful and important

Our stories help us communicate with each other. When we communicate we have deeper understanding. When we understand each other we start to build friendships. When we are friends we have a real community.

What do you think of this mission statement?

The Daily Fashion Project is the stories of people through watercolor and written word.