I Make My Own Velvour Jackets And Tops, I Love Waistcoats And Am A Massive Fan Of Bright Vintage Ties

Daily Fashion Illustration 163. Thursday, April 17. 2014

Style submitted by Umar Farooq. -instagram @justmymemoreez
'My style is pretty unique I'd say. I love 'mixing and matching' and adding a bit of Middle- Eastern fashion into what I wear. I love lapel pins and shoes. I make my own Velvour jackets and tops, I love waistcoats and am a massive fan of bright vintage ties. I went through a phase after my weightloss experience. Before that, fashion meant nothing to me. Having to find X large tops and sweatpants was not exciting. Having weighed over 15 stones, I was frightened to even think about trying on a pair of jeans let alone anything else. The thought of wearing a bright yellow shirt scared me.

Things have changed now. I now own several pairs of jeans, every colour- you name it! :)   I'm just an average 20 year old student who dresses to express not impress. I often wear waistcoats that I make myself or Tshirts I advertise and sell on my site/twitter page TeeAmouage. In all honesty there's one man I believe inspired me and still does with his daily outstanding updates on mens fashion. Many must know him (insta- That_dapper_chap). My "Passion for Fashion" grew when I was asked at a party full of over 300 guests, where I got my shirt from. As strange as it sounds it was exciting/scary that someone would actually take notice!

Daily Fashion Illustartion 163, Umar Farooq

So I left this lovely gentleman my email address and ended up making him the exact
same 'sheer black silk' shirt! This for a student my age is VERY exciting! So I got into it, every half term I sat at my Nan's making T-shirts and waistcoats, often using materials I've purchased from Dubai. I'm one of those people who was afraid to buy shirts other 'slim' boys would, because I was large. I was petrified of getting noticed, no matter what I wore. So I often design and made T-shirts only Large and Xlarge and it's been my 'target market' as it's something I could personally relate to.

I use lace, leather and animal print materials and suede too. I believe everyone should be comfortable with who they are and show it in what they wear and be PROUD and not frightened of what others would say/think. I believe wearing a little bit of colour, be it a red tie or a bright yellow bracelet. Make it 'you', make it fun, bright, colourful, and give people a reason to be inspired and want to try what you're wearing.'