As A Kid Growing Up In North Philadelphia In The 90's

Daily Fashion Illustration 162. Wednesday, April 16. 2014

Style submitted by Sabir Peele. -instagram @mensstylepro
'More often than not, people recognize me for styling suited looks with my site, however; I love to rock tailored casual pieces the most. My favorite piece has become my leather jacket from Cockpit USA because of it's ability to be dressed up or down. To be honest, the leather jacket can make anyone a badass or at least feel like one. I've always said that "style is personal and it evolves as you evolve".

Taking that notion to heart, I've learned over time that straying away from what may have once been my staples is a damn good thing. As a kid growing up in North Philadelphia in the 90's, everything was about hip-hop/sport street wear and I fully embraced it. But I realized as I got old that my style was starting to become more refined. One day I was in college walking from my room, next door to my soon to be fraternity house when a current brother of the frat stopped me and asked "Sabir, why do I always see you rocking shoes." My exact response was, "Brother, I always where shoes!" That was almost 10 years ago and the mantra still stands but, I do love a great pair of sneakers too. It's been great broadcasting my style evolution via Men's Style Pro and helping guys find their niche in the crazy world.'

Daily Fashion Illustration 162, Sabir Peele