Going To 'J.Crew U' Was Certainly A Culture Shock

Daily Fashion Illustration 164. Friday, April 18. 2014

Style submitted by Destin Grayson. -instagram @Carpe_DMG, twitter @CarpeDMG
'My style is inspired by my encounters over the years. I really started to become more detailed in what I wore my senior year of high school rising to my freshman year in college (I attended Miami University in Oxford, Ohio otherwise known as J. Crew U). I was raised in an urban environment and going to Miami was certainly a culture shock. I learned to embrace the preppy lifestyle and put my own personal spin to it. I began digging into numerous blogs and sites for inspiration until I saw what I liked, disliked, and could pull off. Style is an ongoing process that is forever changing or being enhanced which may explain my fascination with it.

I may not be the best looking man in the room but you can damn sure bet I will be one of the best dressed.'

Daily Fashion Illustration 164, Destin Grayson