When I Started Wearing Casual Clothes I Had No Idea What Fashion Could Be

Daily Fashion Illustration 138. Wednesday, March 12. 2014

Style submitted by Siranjeev Thiyagarajah. -instagram @siran09, twitter @siran09
'I like new design & fashion. Like wearing a suit & tie to look classy or casual with a pair of jeans and sweater with a leather jacket. I'm excited that during my studies I’m focusing on a clothing line for the upcoming years

Where I started from wearing casual clothes and no idea what fashion could be, I changed to a casual street wear mix. But when you love fashion and you want to get noticed in a public, you have to dress outstanding. It doesn't have to be outstanding for others, just outstanding for yourself. That’s what my fashion and style is about.

Describe yourself by wearing your own style, don’t follow the people, be a leader. Every detail can make a difference. It’s not only about the suit & tie, but about the colour combination and the accessories. It’s not about the value of the clothes, but it’s about the combination and passion for the clothes/fashion/design. Search to find the best methods to describe your own fashion, by adding the details what makes the finishing touch.


I first got introduced to street wear fashion. Wearing the normal slim-fit jeans with a slim fit shirt and colourful sneakers. I loved this casual style in normal life. During parties and conventions, you can not show up like this. I loved the style of David Beckham, how he could be street wear casual one day and classy in a suit & tie the other day. His fashion inspired me to wear fashionable slim fit suit & tie during parties and conventions, where I used to wear only a simple shirt and a chino. Nowadays I combine the colourful chino with a slim fit t-shirt. With all my clothes I like to add it with extra’s like north skull bracelets and an Armani watch.'