Style Is Purchased With Your Passion, Eloquence And Ability To Take Risks

Daily Fashion Illustration 123. Wednesday, February 19. 2014

Style submitted by Jarreau Jackson. -instagram @laredo_ro
'My style, as I'm still discovering it and it is still evolving, is nothing less than a reflection and expression of the phase in my life that I am in. In 25 years I have lived in Washington, California, Louisiana, Texas, Michigan, and now Illinois. I have come across many people, many styles, and with the addition to my artistic upbringings, I have begun to fine tune my style.

Coming up wearing long-tall white tees, Girbaud jeans, Dickies trousers, and Nike sneakers, I use my style to celebrate progress, intelligence, wisdom, refinement, and the notion that we are always learning. You cannot buy style; the threads to display your style are purchased with your passion, eloquence, and ability to take risks.'

Jarreau Jackson.png