'a good education is linked to a good dress...'

Submitted by Simone Stancinelli
instagram @sstanca

'My very first contact with the world of fashion and style goes back to my childhood when I used to go to my grandmother's atelier in Venice. My grandmother was a designer of clothes and traditional dresses for the Venetian carnival. At that time, I received great inspiration from customers who frequented the atelier. I’ve learned that education is the basis of the style.

Now I try to use my style to communicate with other people my personality. The first approach is the most important and I think that a good education is linked to a good dress. Style is my business card and I use it not only for work relations, but also in everyday life. It is often confused the meaning of style, elegance, fashion... but my personal experience has taught me is that you can also wear the best suit that you have, but if the wearer has empty personality and no character is completely useless to define it stylish.

I love style in general, but I usually only wear clothes that reflect my personality and my story. I'm Italian and my greatest love is Italy. This means I especially wear clothes of various shades of blue and I have a big passion for the double-breasted jackets. My two most important sources of inspiration are L’Avvovato Gianni Agnelli and Lapo Elkann. The accessory that I cannot give up are the glasses that remind me of the typical Venetian Carnival masks.'