'Fashion and art is truly an open expression...'

Submitted by Ron Bass
instagram @iam_ronbass

'Fashion? I don't even know what that is. Art? Now that's my true expression. Visually, I
process all things artistically. Whether it be through clothing, paint to canvas or love, I tend to find peace in it all.

Daily Fashion Illustration Ron Bass

This process stemmed from my beautiful parents who are now my angels. They presented color and the concept of contrast to me at an early age. A lesson and gift that I still carry with me today. Growing up in Brooklyn, NY also contributed to my taste palette. The scene of the early 90s was very vibrant and raw. As a kid I soaked it up like a sponge.

I remember vividly riding with my dad on his bicycle and people watching, taking mental note of all the interesting styles we would see. It was not until years later in college where I applied my artistic eye on fashion. From that point I've been honing my vision. Fashion and art is truly an open expression and I'm glad that I can let my wings out and fly.'