'whatever I choose to wear as long as I am comfortable and confident, is a work of art...'

Submitted by Brianna Pippens
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'The story of my style is definitely one that has gone through phases and periods from eccentric to androgynous. Growing up my mother would always have me in the most adorable outfits. She kept me stylish with lots of colors and patterns. As I matured and started to come into my own I started to realize that I love to wear clothes that are comfortable but give off a vibe of my personality.

I love thrifting, when I realized that could find remarkable vintage pieces in thrift shops ( way before the Macklemore song) I fell in love. From an old college crew neck, to a paisley pair of pants I have found that my favorite clothing has come a thrift store. I have always been inspired by the Cosby Show and A Different World and the outfits that they wore, especially Denise Huxtable, Lisa Bonet.

80's and 90's pop culture definitely influences my sense of style. I like to be versatile, aesthetically pleasing and sometimes elegantly disheveled. When I get dressed I usually listen to music which definitely influences my choices. Tribal prints, floral patterns, acid wash, tie-dye, over-sized blazers overalls, high waisted jeans, penny loafers are a few of the things that I love to wear.

I love to look at people like Solange Knowles, Zoe Kravitz and Erykah Badu, they inspire me to be myself in what I wear and not just try to go along with the latest trends if I don't really like them. As a visual artist I like to think of myself as a canvas, and whatever I choose to wear as long as I am comfortable and confident, is a work of art.'