I Might Not Be A Trend Setter But I Have My Own Sense Of Style

Daily Fashion Illustration 103. Wednesday, January 22. 2013

Style submitted by Roshan Ghimire. instagram @nepzbabu
'When it comes to my personal style I have always been a firm believer in choosing clothes which I felt was right for me rather than blindly following trends. Despite of all the greatest clothes, best shoes or even the most extravagant accessories, one can't justify something as his or her style if they don't feel a sense of pleasure in wearing them.

Growing up, fashion has been a very big part of me. I might not be the trend setter but I have my own sense of style and it's always been focused on pleasing me from within rather than soothing everyone's eye. Looking at my wardrobe one can find a mix and match of every style, each of which have been personally selected by me and are of equal value to me as my personal style statement.'

Roshan Ghimire.png