'I am positioned right in the middle of a menswear revolution...'

Submitted by Steve Calder
instagram @stevecalder

'Starting out my menswear journey at the tender age of fifteen, working at a small local Melbourne Gentleman's Outfitter my sense of style was nil. After life's many twists and turns (and many jobs later) my keen interest and hard work landed a position in one of the worlds most influential Italian Fashion Houses and Manufacturers of Menswear.

Noticing my keen interest in the subject, my employer flew me to many different countries to broaden my scope of style and culture. Now here I am, still smack-bang in the middle of my Menswear journey. Soft-shouldered, collar-popped and ready to tackle my dreams. Oh, and don't forget the deftly-positioned Rubinacci pocket square.

As a seemingly regular kid from the outer suburbs of Melbourne, I didn't realize menswear was my passion until my father made friends with the owner of a small menswear boutique in a shopping precinct on our side of town. I ended up traveling an hour just to work three-to-four hour shifts after school, but I didn't care. I was hooked. Not only did I have access to education on simple styling and rules of fit, I was helping dudes look good and feel great.

As my knowledge grew with age and experience, I decided that if I was to be successful, I'd have to aim a little higher. After five years in the Menswear game, I landed my first position in a luxury fashion house. Although opening my eyes to a whole new world full of words like "Fashion Show" and "Cashmere," I found that this brand did not give me the spark that I had before. Fate lands me another position, this time in a Menswear-only Luxury brand. Noticing my knack for styling and service, they flew me to Malaysia, Singapore, Italy and Switzerland to further my knowledge.

Now I am positioned right in the middle of a menswear revolution, a patch-pocket full of knowledge and love for the industry, and still as driven as I was as a boy starting out on my journey. There's no stopping me now.'