After 5 months of experimenting on the I have made the decision to reintegrate the Daily Fashion into

It was a great experience to set the Daily Fashion on its own. To let it run wild and free but ultimately, I have stretched myself too thin. The administrative work of maintaining two sites, traveling and painting all day has proved too exhaustive.

At the beginning I was excited and passionate about the move.

I focused solely on the Daily Fashion, forgetting my fashion illustration work for Sunflowerman.

Then the next relocation arrived. Athens to Fort Worth.

I missed a few days of Daily Fashion to make the journey.

Then there was the week in Vegas for a trade show.

No Daily Fashion.

Then there was a week long road trip up to Wilmington, DE.

No Daily Fashion.

Then there were the pressing deadlines for the Sunflowerman Fashion Illustrations.

No Daily Fashion.

Part of my struggle was dealing with this new system I had set up for the illustrations. The system was exciting, and I was able to process the illustrations predictably.

But that stole much of the joy and freedom that the Daily Fashion gave me. The purpose in starting the Daily Fashion from the beginning was a way to share stories and to start each day with a fun illustration.

I've recorded many of the illustrations in the 4 step process and plan to publish a book on the experience. It will be a great study on systems in illustration and the Sunflowerman process.

Before I begin sharing the new illustrations (yes I have begun new Daily Fashion Illustrations) I will publish the stories that didn't make it onto, back onto

For a couple weeks there will be several illustrations published each day to catch us back up to the present day.


Thank you for your patience and your long-suffering support,