Since The Birth Of My Sons I Have Started A Tradition Of Fashion Son Pictures…

Story submitted by Eduardo Haynes.
instagram @thewellapptdgent

‘Every year since the birth of my sons I have started a tradition of father son pictures. This year we took it up a notch with full blown model pics that captures our style and personality. From a young age my style was shaped by my yearly trips to NY with my parents. My mom has always had me well dressed with custom coats and anything that was unique. I was considered the cool kid in school that dressed well and had styles/shoes before anyone else. Our trips to New York started a tradition and began my love affair with being well dressed. I have since created the same sense of value in my boys with being well dressed, each year we search for the right outfits for our annual father/son pictures.

Style is something that is taught and passed down from generation to generation.

Daily Fashion Illustration Eduardo Haynes