‘Ever Since My Childhood I Always Noticed What People Would Wear…’

Story submitted by Usaamah Siddique
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‘I dress for myself As a clothing-obsessed individual. I became the go-to resource for my mate’s fashion-related questions. As a response, I started ‘The Dapper Label’ to share my opinions on men’s style.

The Dapper Label serves as an agent for those with an appreciation of quality and style. Its always how a person is dressed that speaks for them. I feel it just gives you so much more confidence and respect if you dress dapper! Your dressing speaks for you even when you’re not saying anything! That’s the power of a well dressed man!

Ever since my childhood I always noticed what people would wear & how they would team up different pieces. Sadly, in India there are very few people who go out of their way to dress well and not stick to the usual boring attire. My blog is constantly evolving & I hope I can spread out to everyone and give them that little push to dress well & look dapper!'

Daily Fashion Illustration Usaamah Siddique