It Didn’t Just Require A Certain Mindset But A Certain Attire…

Story submitted by Randall Keith Benjamin.
instagram @rbenjam22

‘When my two brothers and I were young my father would tell us to “walk like we owned the place.” To do that it didn’t just require a certain mindset but a certain attire, a certain way to carry yourself.

Fashion starts in your mind way before your hands ever touch cloth. If you are confident in who you are, what you decide to wear comes easy.'

Daily Fashion DC Edition Randall Keith Benjamin

'I am in transportation and community development. I take pride in trying to decipher how to bring the right purpose, people, places and problems together that will lead to a better environment for all. Though community encompasses all ages I am especially encouraged when I work with youth who look like me because they are the ones who will carry the torch when we are all gone.

When I interact with them I realize that in that moment I am the only present example of what their future could hold so my presentation- how I look- is essential.

I wear a tie with the expectation of having to show how to tie one. I make sure my suit is tailored so when asked where it came from it can be known that you can shop at a thrift store and still look proper. I make sure my shoes are shinned so a downed head will raise up and see someone who looks like them.

What you wear is not who you are but it is a reflection and for those coming up behind me I want them to see what is possible.’