I Have Built Personal Branding Around My Wearing A Bow Tie…

Story submitted by Joe Sprott
instagram @jrsprott

‘My foray into the fashion world began just about four years ago. Growing up in a very traditional South Carolina I knew little about properly fitted clothing.

It was the cheapest, but I bought a button-down at H&M while in NYC and wore it until it was threadbare. Ever since I’ve built upon and expanded a growing wardrobe of fine clothing and accessories.

I have even built personal branding around my wearing a bow tie, especially a diamond-point. I am a digital strategist by day but always fashionably so, day or night.'

Daily Fashion DC Edition Joe Sprott

'I plan to expand my wardrobe into fully custom suits (already have one) and engage with more local brands as soon as possible. It was my first trip to NYC, and seeing all of the beautiful (and crazy) people with tailored/fitted looks, and my humble SC upbringing with traditional cuts that left me fascinated.

A girl I was seeing suggested we run into H&M (she knew of their affordable accessories) and I tried on that shirt. I still shop there, although mostly for accessories and their higher-end fare now. I’ll always respect where it began.

I say all of this not that I grew up wearing Sears’ clothing all of my life. My father and I wore Polo, Lacoste, Brooks Brothers and custom pieces from Lourie’s (a now-defunct iconic menswear shop that was on Main St in Columbia, SC) but they were never tailored to fit as a lot of modern styles are today.’