In A Way, Much Of How I Dress Is An Homage To Them…

Story submitted by Michael Idiokitas.
instagram @mfon13

‘My style is “simple masculine elegance”. I do not go for the affected look. I like and wear things that are simple, well crafted but not peacocky.

My hue allows me to pretty much wear every color and texture, without over doing it. My appreciation of style comes from my dad and my maternal grandfather. They have the most pristine sense of taste. It’s because of them that the majority of my suits are double breasted.

In a way much of how I dress is an homage to them. Most of my day to day dress is business casual but instead of a sport coat I’d rather wear a nice cardigan. My goal is to continue to have fun with the threads!'

Daily Fashion DC Edition 2 Michael Idiokitas

'I remember being 7 or 8 and going to visit my grandfather on the weekends.  He got up early on Saturdays and spent about an hour polishing his shoes (every Saturday morning).  After the polishing, he got dressed.  He wore braces with all his pants and either double breasted or three-piece suits on the weekends.  During the week he wore two piece suits.

I didn’t think about it at the time but all of those experiences have greatly effected how I view dressing and having fun with your clothes.'