My Style Is Just That, Loud Without Having To Yell

Daily Fashion Illustration 97. Tuesday, January 14. 2013

Style submitted by Ramoan Bruce. -instagram @sirramoanbruce
'My style can only be defined as "Mine" I dress to compliment who I am as a man and not so much to run with the trends. I'm usually a few seasons behind. Personally I choose not to follow current and buzzing trends because I feel it puts me in a cookie cutter type position when it comes to my style. I like marinating on styles seasons after they're done.

My style compliments me because I am a extroverted introvert and artistically driven. My style is just that, loud without having to yell. Recently, at my job I had to dress as if I was going to a New Year's Eve party. The purpose was to show guys ways to dress for the occasion now with a white suit jacket it's loud enough. But I toned it down with the cut of the suit, darker trousers shoes and accessories and an overall clean look. That way I stand out because of the jacket but it never screamed obnoxious. '

Ramoan Bruce.png