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The Fashion Community:
By Tajinder Hayer

The fashion industry is growing. Expansion in the area of men’s fashion in particular has been rapid over the last few years. Reasons for this are twofold –The first is designers and retailers have wisely seen that men with a disposable income have money to spare. The second reason is that men are more interested in fashion and lifestyle in ways that they have previously not been. This is largely due to the fashion community and its growing influence.

Enormous growth in social media has played a huge part in how the fashion community has influence.  The boom of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have made it easier than ever to spot fashion trends, find out where items are from, or try and find designer looks on budget prices. In typical fashion, once small sites like Instagram now have millions of worldwide users. Brands like Burberry, Dolce & Gabbana and Alexander McQueen have official accounts revealing backstage pictures, promoting sales and showing new items arriving to stores.

The community, both online and breathing, is getting better and better at sharing ideas and styles. The fashion business, once known as being cold and aloof, has become more inclusive and accepting of newcomers, due to the growth of the industry.

This growth in the fashion community has had a knock on effect. It has inspired countless numbers of people to use their creativity in new ways. The Daily Fashion Project takes the story behind

those involved in fashion and creates beautiful illustrations that celebrate the community. For The Rakish Gent, I write about fashion, literature, movies and anything else. The community allows us to express ourselves and take risks in fashion. The community is growing larger by the day and this is good for followers and innovators alike.

Tajinder Hayer
Fashion Writer.

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