His Teachings Will Always Remain Sacred For Me

Daily Fashion Illustration 141. Monday, March 17. 2014

Style submitted by Ricardo Rodriguez Lanfranco. -instagram @jrlanfranco16
'A matter of Culture, Art, Craftsmanship and Heritage.

For me being well dressed is not just a fact of looking good, it means much more. It means understanding the culture of what I’m wearing. Like knowing the difference between the Neapolitan tailoring and the English one. Bespoke clothes are just not clothes; they are pieces of art that represent your personal taste and how the tailor converts fabrics into something unique. The profession of a tailor sometimes is not the most conformable of all; the huge hours of work, the passion and love they put must be appreciated when you wear these clothes.

Being able to produce your own clothes will make you an artist because you have to imagine everyday colors, patterns and combinations that will create something new. But most important, this is a matter of heritage that can be transmitted generation by generation. I will always remember when my Italian grandfather used to help me with my tie knots before the formal party’s and used to tell me “mai uscire senza il fazzoletto sul petto”, which means, never go out without your pocket square in your chest, this small advice and his teachings will always remain sacred for me. I aim to have this with my future generations one day.'

Daily Fashion 141, Ricardo Rodriguez Lanfranco