I Understood At An Early Age The Power Of Details

Daily Fashion Illustration 82. Wednesday, December 18. 2013

Style submitted by Ontario Armstrong. -instagram @oarmstrong1
'I like to consider my style classic with a pop of attitude. I've always been a man of detail and it translates in my personal style.

Growing up I was always taught that presentation was everything and that your personal appearance meant a lot. All those things stuck with me as I became an adult. I also understood at an early age the power of details. Whether it be a project from school I was working on or something that I was doing around the house... Detail was everything!

It was something that naturally translated in my personal style. It could be the subtle gold lapel pin that I wore on my jacket or the color socks that I matched with the pin stripe in my suit... sometimes these are details that  may not be as apparent at first glance.

It has always been very important to let my style reflect my confidence and attention to detail. I believe that you can tell an individual's personality by the way they
dress. I have a very laid back personality which shows in the way I dress. I tend to lean towards darker colors... navy's, burgundies and browns. Something which I feel speaks to my laid back demeanor.'

Ontario Armstrong.png