With Much Trial And Error I Found My Own Personal Sense Of Comfort

Daily Fashion Illustration 83. Thursday, December 19. 2013

Style submitted by Joaquin Rodriguez. -instagram @joaquin_jr
'My style is my personal expression. Growing up I was a bit self conscience about my appearance. I wanted clearer skin and a fit body. But being a teenager your body is forever evolving. My junior year in high school I began working for a high end Italian fashion brand called Diesel.

Since then, with much trial & error I found my own personal sense of comfort with what I wore as well as confidence when I looked in the mirror. My acne cleared up and so did all the doubts I had about myself. I became more confident. And my style spoke for itself.

I'm a quiet and shy person. So for me, fashion is a way for me to express myself
without words.'

Joaquin Rodriguez.png