On The Other Hand I Fancy A Well Tailored, Double Breasted Suit…

Story submitted by Oluwatobi Oluwalana

‘Seldom do you see a 16 year old dressing the way I do. The average guy my age would prefer a t-shirt, a pair of jeans, and the latest retro Jordan’s. On the other hand I fancy a well tailored, double breasted suit, an impeccable silk knit tie, adding the coup de grace with a pair of suede double monks.

I have always believed that the way one dresses is commensurate with the way one perceives and presents themselves and there’s no better way to shout who you are without uttering a single word than through the use of fashion.

I am aware that many have blazed this trail before me and my goal is to approach fashion eclectically, finding the style that consummately elucidates who I am right now and who I will eventually become.’

Daily Fashion Illustration Oluwatobi Oluwalana