I’ve Called SoCal, Chicago, Japan And More, Home…

Story submitted by Josh Cooper
instagram @themintgent

‘I’m Josh, a 17 year old living life in North Carolina though I wasn’t born and raised here. I’ve spent most of my life moving from military base to military base. (My father served in the Marine Corps for 30 years.) Because of this, I’ve called SoCal, Chicago, Japan, and more, home at one point or another. Though tough at times, moving every few years gives me a chance to be inspired be a plethora of people – both in terms of attitude and style.

I can’t really describe my style. I suppose it’s something along the lines of ‘Prohibition Era meets 21st century.’ It consists of classic pieces worn in a modern way – pocket watches and waistcoats are certainly two of my staples. But really, my style is more than the clothes that I’m wearing; my style is me wearing the clothes. I love 3 pieces suits as much as I do denim jackets and chinos, and I can have style in both.'

Daily Fashion Illustration Josh Cooper

'Most 17 year olds don’t wear ties, but then again most 17 year olds are not successful. I’m not saying that a tie makes you successful, nor am I saying that I myself am successful. All I know is that I will be. Wearing a tie is simply me dressing the part.

Sure, most kids do not understand why I wear what I do, and they aren’t afraid to tell me so. But isn’t that what most innovators have to go through? I don’t wear what I wear to be different, I wear what I wear to be me.’