I Enjoy Thriving In The Environment Around Me…

Story submitted by Cory Simmons
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‘I am a junior at the University of North Texas. I am studying both Merchandising and Digital Retail. I believe my style is an unabated journey that will be mastered well into my old age.

Currently, I enjoy thriving in the environment around me; a few of my classmates, teachers, and other random folks I see on campus.'

Daily Fashion Illustration Cory Simmons

'I appreciate the 1940′s – 60′s effortless styles of men like Sidney Poitier, Steve McQueen (Actor), Thelonious Monk, Miles Davis and Cary Grant. Each of their iconic films and music are not only a lesson on style, but a lesson on the mannerisms of a gentleman.

I often experiment with primary colors, classic clothing, and simple patterns that echoes this time period. My go to items are my pecan brown c-crown fedora and my navy blue PF Flyers. An acquaintance of mine named Ignacio Quiles said it best, “Enjoy what you wear. Wear what you enjoy. What we are wearing are art pieces. Go out and show the world”.’