I’m Inspired By People Around Me Who Are Constantly Producing, Creating, Crafting, Building…

Story submitted by Grant Harris
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‘Fashion was never at the forefront of my mind growing up. In fact, I thought it was against the law to match, which ironically may have been my inner style auteur speaking to me.

I’ve held several jobs and tried my hand at several failed business ventures, but never found a career, a passion, or a calling until fashion, better yet style came to be a part of my life. I was always living it, but didn’t know that I could make (or attempt to make) a living at it, until I dove both feet in.

I’m inspired by people around me who are constantly producing, creating, crafting, building, and I want to do the same in my own way. The need to feel part of the club, not of the fashion elite, but the successful network who live life stylishly on their own terms when and where they want to is what drives my daily pursuits.

As an entrepreneur setting goals is deceptive because once one is reached it’s on to the next without enjoying the last. I enjoy what I do right now. I just hope to be blessed to be able to do it bigger, better and longer in the future.'

Daily Fashion DC Edition Grant Harris

'I’ve always tried to present myself well and dress with an air of sophistication, but I never thought that I could have a voice to share with others. I did not know that I could inspire others through my daily regimen and ultimately help individuals and groups find their own style.

It wasn’t until I was well into my professional career that I decided to take on an internship with a custom clothier which was my indoctrination into the classic world of men’s style. This was the beginning  of my writing, speaking, and consulting career.

Never having studied fashion formally put me behind the eight ball so to speak. However, I looked at it as an advantage because I had to strive to read, watch, and listen more, longer and harder than those who had learned it in school.

My passion and my business in the end is knowledge and enlightenment. Knowledge of self and enlightenment of purpose. It isn’t the clothes or the shoes or the watches that are important. Its the comfort, the confidence and the charisma with which each man wears them that accomplishes the goal.’