I Fell In Love With The Way They Wore Clothing

Daily Fashion Illustration 105. Friday, January 24. 2013

Style submitted by Lorenzo Mitil. -instagram @lorenzormitil
'It's all about mixing American Prep and sports wear for me.

I found my style about two years ago. I was in a clothing store in New York when I came across a book called "Take Ivy". I knew little about "Ivy Style"  but I was interested. For me, I fell in love with the way the men wore their clothing and how comfortable they felt wearing such unique patterns. From there, I began to really look at different styles and what would work for me. I started to build my wardrobe based on mixing the idea of the American Prep and Classic American Sports Wear. 

I believe my style is constantly changing depending on what I'm reading, where I'm traveling to or what I'm listening to. I'm just 21 year old trying to make a statement with my style.'

Lorenzo Mitil.png