See If It Doesn't Change The Way People See You And Treat You

Daily Fashion Illustration 106. Monday, January 26. 2014

Style submitted by Dennis De Jesus. -instagram @dennisthemenis
'I'm an ordinary guy who loves to dress up and isn't afraid to go all out when dressing up. My style consists of bold colors and patterns. I own my own business called MaiTie which consist of handmade ties and pocket squares. It all started back in 2012 when I got a summer job and I could actually afford nice, decent clothes.

The people who most Inspired in the beginning were friends from church. As my "Passion for Fashion" grew, I started to get more and more inspiration from guys on Instagram. As time  went on, I started getting recognized more for my style on Instagram and for the way I dressed. In mid March of 2013, I went to into a fabric store with a friend and fell in love with it immediately. I started coming up with ideas on how to use certain fabrics to make ties, pocket squares etc. That same day I went home and spoke with my sister about what she thought about opening a online shop together. I'd be creating everything and she'd be providing the financial portion of the business. We came up with MaiTie. Mai, meaning elegance. I'm Chinese which is where we came up with the slogan "Handmade Elegance At Its Finest".

Some people may not take "fashion" or "dressing well" serious, but to me it's more than just fashion or dressing well. To me dressing well is a way of life. It's a way for showing who you are without even having to talk. It has opened many doors for me, it has given me confidence, and it has given me courage to go out into this world and achieve nothing short of greatness. Just because I decided to start dressing well.

So whoever is reading, man or women, make the choice. The choice to start caring about how you present yourself to this world. See if it doesn't change the way people look and treat you. Clothes are just material things and shouldn't be the center of your life, but why not use them to look good while you're living it?

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