Eventually An Epiphany. I Wasn't Meant To Follow Everyone Else

Daily Fashion Illustration 166. Monday, April 28. 2014

Style submitted by Lisa Chica. -instagram @chicaboomboom1
'When I was young, I was awkward, overweight and insecure. I always quietly admired and envied all girls around me who were thin, fashionable and so confident. When I matured I worked on myself, lost weight and slowly gained the courage to try some of the current trends. I found myself disappointed that I still didn’t feel as confident as all the other girls...

Eventually an epiphany; I wasn’t meant to follow everyone else. I cleaned out my closet, purchased some budget friendly basics, invested in some higher-end timeless pieces and filled in the rest with some fabulous thrift finds and slowly found my style.

Style, to me didn’t come easily. It was a challenge, and well worth it. It shows others that you're a person of interest and that life is worth making the effort for. Style is inspiring.'

Daily Fashion Illustration 166, Lisa Chica