The Way I Dress Today Is Because Of My Mom

Daily Fashion Illustration 167. Tuesday, April 29. 2014

Style submitted by Tyshan Ford. -instagram @mrford
'Fashion has always been my true love from birth. One of the main reasons I have this love for fashion and the way I dress today is because my mom. As a kid I was never allowed to leave my house not dressed well because if I wasn't it would be a bad representation of my mother. I was taught to be well groomed, presentable and to always show my best self.

When it comes to the man I am today my style is effortless. I love bold detail. One day I feel like wearing a baseball cap and sneakers the next day I want to wear a blazer and dress pants. I love being free when it comes to my style and always try to stay true to who I am and what I love- it's a feeling.'

Daily Fashion Illustration 167, Tyshan Ford